Watch Etiquette Rules

Watch plays quite a special role in the image of every man – more often it the only accessory men can afford to wear, that’s why they seek them to be very expensive, beautiful, indicating their social and financial status.
As for the cuff links and pens (they can be either cheap “no names” or expensive jewelry), watch is a matter of status and reputation.

Watch Etiquette Rules
Watch Etiquette Rules

It’s an integral part of every business man like an expensive brand suit.

There is an undercover rule that the cost of watch should make up about 15% of the annual income of its owner.
But it is related mainly towards the watch which cost starts from one thousand USD, so it doesn’t spread on the usual clerks.
A middle level manager can afford to buy such watch as Omega, Tissot, Ebel, Longines.
The first top five : Patek Philippe, Breguet, Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin, Franck Muller, starting from ten thousand USD is for top managers.

Not every watch of the aforementioned brands will go with the conservative suit of a banker.
An absolute harmony will be only flat (about 0,5 – 0,8 mm), round and barrel-like watch made of yellow or white gold (the stainless steel is also acceptable today), having the leather wristlet and minimum of complementary functions.
Clock dial should have only white bottom layer, having one extra little dial – for the minute repeater or second hand.
In “three o’clock” or “six o’clock” position date indicator is allowed.
Other functions and decorations are not permitted.
Eternal Calendar, Lunar Phase functions and other extravagances in watch, including jewelry, are appropriate only for informal pastime.

So, the true watch of a businessman should be simple, flat, made of gold or having gold bracelet or leather wristlet, and surely with hands – electronic watch doesn’t correspond with the business style.
Businessmen prefer watches of Swiss brands.
They are to be austere, non-overdecorated and expensive at the same time.
If mechanic watch were prestigious in the past, nowadays the quartz watch manufacturing technology has reached so high level, that it’s the very watches that the majority of people rating precision highly often purchase.

Watch for suit
Watch for suit

At the same time individually designed or limited edition watch with serial numbers starting with near-to-zero numbers, are of great value.
Thus, if you want to make an impression on your partners and subordinates by your watch, purchase such brands as Rolex, Breguet, Patek Philippe.
The well-known brands with a good reputation allow choosing the watch to fit any taste and situation.

How many watches should we have?

How many watches should we have?
How many watches should we have?

This question is being constantly argued about.
Of course, it’s clear that several watches is the right answer.
There ought to be watches for every occasion, as you never roll wearing watch made of gold or put on massive sport watch with the business suit.
The amount of watch is generally defined by financial resources.
Ideally a man should have:

  • 1. Watch for the business suit.
    Usually flat, round and barrel-like watch made of yellow or white gold (the stainless steel is also acceptable today), having the leather wristlet and minimum of complementary functions, without the frills (chronographs, diamonds, designer extravagances, made of gold or platinum).
  • 2. Sport watch.
    Sport watch
    Sport watch

    The direct opposite of watch for the business suit: having massive durable waterproof case made of stainless steel or titanium, reliable bracelet or rubber wristlet, chronograph, rotating ring, large buttons, well-read dial with fluorescent hands and figures.
    You’d better choose quartz watch for high overloads as mechanics doesn’t go well with strokes.
  • 3. Everyday watch. Those you can wear to the baker’s with your home shoes on and come back from the Galapagos in two weeks’ time.
    It is rather durable, but never sport ones, very elegant and representative, but not for the business suit.
  • 4. Representative watch.
    It is put on when you want to impress somebody (business partners, friends, women, etc.).
    It should be really expensive, made by the most famous brands, with maximum extravagances – tourbillions, repeaters, eternal calendars, etc.
    In this case the most important thing is to hit it right.
    For instance, tourbillon watch would be definitely appreciated by your business partner, but it would have never been understood by a woman.
    She never finds out why your watch with the unattractive “hole” cost USD 100,000.
    Although nowadays a lot of women scan you to your finger tips, including your watch.

Picking up the right watch is of great importance.
Picking up watch size should depend on your wrist size.
Case cyclets mustn’t project the width of your wrist as the massive washer on the narrow hand looks ugly.
The large hand always goes well with the same watch.
Bracelet watch is accepted to wear freely on your wrist, but wristlet ones should be tightly fixed.
The colour of wristlet should match the colour of trousers’ belt and shoes, that’s why it’s very convenient to have a pair of replaceable additional wristlets – the black and brown ones.

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