Valjoux 7750: Manual

The crown has three positions:

  • 1 – Winding position (not pulled)
  • 2 – Date / day setting position (half pulled out)
  • 3 – Time and week day setting position with stopped second hand (fully extended).

1. Setting time: Pull out the crown to its extreme position (III) and turn it towards yourself.
Then set current time and push the crown back to its original position (I).
2. Setting date: Pull the crown out to the middle position (II), turn it away from yourself and set current date.
Then push the crown back to its original position (I).
3. Stopwatch: To start and stop stopwatch, use the top button in front of figure (II).
To return stopwatch to initial position, use the lower button opposite figure (IIII).

The upper meter serves chronograph minute drive. The lower counter serves chronograph hour drive.

NOTE: Setting date and time during the period from 21.00 to 3.00 is strictly forbidden.
Avoid wearing a watch with permanently active (more than 12 consecutive hours) stopwatch.
Increased load on mechanism reduces reserve.

In case of first use or long period of non-operation, wind a watch using a crown (position I) with 10-20 turns clockwise.

In case of everyday wear, just shake a watch several times and flywheel will set wind in motion.
To avoid wear of self-winding device, one should avoid making more than 30 crown turns and reverse rotation (counterclockwise).

To avoid depressurization, pollution and damage, one should not:

  • Open and disassemble a watch
  • Expose a watch to sharp temperature drops, artificial freezing or intense heat (visiting spa, sauna, hot tubs). Otherwise, this can lead to short-term depressurization of a watch case and ingress of moisture into mechanism;
  • Swim and dive wearing a watch, as well as use a watch under unsuitable conditions. Remember, sudden changes in pressure also can cause short-term depressurization of a watch and ingress of moisture inside.
    Malfunction of a watch caused by ingress of moisture into mechanism is a result of breach of operating rules and involves loss of free repair right;
  • Put a watch on and inside appliances that are sources of electromagnetic radiation (strong magnetic field) : microwave ovens, acoustic systems (including built-in), TV, video and audio equipment, as it can cause malfunction of watch mechanism;
  • Subject a watch to corrosive chemical effects.

Maintenance and prevention for Valjoux 7750

Trouble-free watch operation requires regular maintenance and preventive service at an authorized center.
This model must be subject to maintenance and prevention service once in every 3 years.
Service includes cleaning and lubrication of mechanism, adjustment of precision, replacing the crown and seals to keep the case waterproof.
In case the design excludes a possibility to replace sealing gaskets, the whole case with buttons must be replaced.

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