Rado Watches are designer objects

Fifty watches released on the occasion of fiftieth anniversary of Rado – the new stake of the Swiss brand and the very beginning of its cooperation with the famous Englishman Jasper Morrison.
Half a century ago Mark Lederay, Rado leading designer, decided the humankind, having launched the first artificial satellite, has right to wear the space watch made of materials which can’t be broken or scratched.
And Rado spared neither strength nor resources on them.
Their specialists hardened the metal, applied ceramics which many brands consider to be the technical innovation nowadays.
They definitely forget that Ceramica have been the first watch in the world released by Rado in the year of 1989.

Rado v10k
Rado v10k

In 2004 the V10K model was released, which case strength was equal to hardness of diamond.
And at last in the beginning of 2007 on the occasion of Rado fiftieth anniversary, the excellent, striking, emblematic model called “Ceramica Chrono” was launched.
And this was the very event to reveal that the amount of its advantages is quite small.
It was a very provoking remark for the brand, which had the image of futuristic and foremost and suddenly appeared to be old-fashioned.
It was rather unfair and let Rado complain about the instability and caprices of the world fashion.
But Swatch Group, which Rado entered in 1983 (at that time it used to be SMH Group), regarded this fact unthinkable.
The emissaries were sent to Rado – Francois Nuсez and Nadya Zerunian working for Calvin Clein.

“The whole of Rado history picked its way to make watch of ceramics, which remains no time traces.
We achieved it, says Francois Nuсez .—And when we made it, it seemed to me we had been taken aback. What’s next? At the end of the day, Rado could have shouwn ceramics, ceramics and once moe, ceramics.
On the one hand, it ensured recognizability, it was impossible to be falsified. But we had been fed up with such a permanency.”
Nadya Zerunian and Francois Nuсez staked on the artist.
Something similar had already happened in the history of Rado.

Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem

In 2002 the patriarch of Swiss design Karl Gerstner designed the amazing colourful Carpe Diem.
Of course, they were spread among the collectors long time ago, but they are still very famous.
So, Jasper Morrison was chosen out of other designers.
This famous Englishman worshipped such classics of modernism as Eileen Gray, Le Corbusier, Jean Prouve.

Jasper Morrison
Jasper Morrison

Then he was stunned by the formal experience of Memphis: “It’s fantastic! – Morrison told to himself.—Now it is proved that former laws of design don’t work!”
Since then he had felt himself absolutely free in his search and this feeling gave him wonderful interior discipline.
“We are involved in the improvement of the invented, — said Morrison.—It is more correct than trying to invent bicycle again.” He had already had the experience of making furniture and dishes, refrigerators and trams. One of his last jobs was strict and simple black Samsung cell phone (the hidden attack towards his colleagues playing with shapes and colours of the mobiles), and this time – Rado watch line, which became the breakthrough.
His first line Ceramica Chronograph Limited Edition was developed on the basis of the most perfect model of Rado.
Having slightly touched it, he radically changed its image in quite an imperceptible way.
Morrison leaded the face under transparent ceramics round with square band of golden minutes, changed the chronograph starter button a bit and combined Rado-usual polished ceramics with the mat one.
Each model has got the standard marking of gold, used for face, indices and hands.

The marks AUPD, AU2N, AU3N, AU4N or AU5N along with slight gradations in the colour of gold will tell us the model.
They are only 50, but they are the subject of struggle of the collectors all over the world.
It is known that 1 model can be found in private home collection in Moscow and one in Vienna on Kertnerstrasse, halfway between Opera and St. Stefan, the head European Rado shop has just been opened.
Viennese architect Andreas Burghart constructed perfect mirror space infuriating the photographers.
They can’t take any picture either indoors or out-of-doors – your reflection is everywhere and camera’s flash transforms the shop in optical show.

Black room with the watch on your eye level, stretched like evolutionary rows in Natural History Museum, and the huge black table in the middle, like the altar for the Black Mess.
Just imagine, when there blackest-black watch on the blackest-black table in the blackest-black room…you start being imbued by the new Rado idea.

Filipp Stark
Filipp Stark

Designers today are the powerful brand. Washbowl signed by Phillip Stark costs more than Sиvres.
“The reason we call Morrison is not to make use of his name,–specifies Nuсez.—We would like to make watches, which are searched for not only in traditional watch stores, but also in fashion boutiques specialized in author design, for example Colette.
We want to form the scope of our watch admirers, speaking more precisely the admirers of our way of thinking, like it happened with first MacBooks and i-Pods”.

You we’ll be surprised to see the choice of Swatch Group directors.
The progress in the development of watch stopped.
When the mechanic surrenders, the artist is needed.
Rado is due to become a fashionable designer brand.
It could have no future as a traditional watch manufacture, but it has the future as a futuristic designer art enterprise.
It seems they are on the right way.
On the one hand – the famous designer on the eve of fiftieth anniversary, on the other – the well-known watch brand expecting to gain its new charm again.