Quartz movement manual

Time setting:

1. Pull the winding wheel to the second click. Check the second-hand stops at 12.
2. Turning the wheel set the hand five minutes more than the current time. Then set it back to the right time.
3. Place the wheel to the initial position as you hear the precise time signal. The second-hand will start moving.

Date setting:

1. Pull the winding wheel to the first click.
2. Turning the wheel set the current date.
3. Place the wheel to the initial position.

Important note: some wristwatches use screw threading to hold the wheel that’s why before setting time or date it has to be liberated with several turns clockwise. When placing the wheel to the initial position repeat these actions in reverse order that is to say push the wheel against stop breaking the spring resistance and spin the thread in several turns counterclockwise.

Days of the week.
As a rule the days on the clock face are marked in English:

Sunday SUN
Monday MON

Tuesday TUE

Saturday SAT
Wednesday WED

Thursday THU
Friday FRI

Using stopwatch in the quartz watches.
The upper button turns on the stopwatch. The second push turns it off.
The lower button sets the values

to zero. If the hand doesn’t come to “12” when set to zero the value is wrong. To readjust use the upper

button while the winding wheel is open.
To do so you need:
1. Open the winding wheel against stop.
2. Pushing the upper button let the hand reach “12”.
3. When the hand will reach “12” close the wheel which will fixate the hand in this position. Now when the stopwatch is set to zero the hand will automatically come to “12”. It is not recommanded to set the date and the day of the week from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. In this case the current settings will not change the next day which may cause the clockworks damage.

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