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Omega is really one of the most familiar watch brands in the whole world.
This name brings a lot of associations for many people, and this watch brand is worth to be mentioned.
The name Omega was first used in 1894, but the history of this company had begun years before.
The first workshop of watch manufacturing was created by Louis Brandt, who is the founder of Omega Company.
Later, he handed his business to his sons.
The company was growing and the quality of watch production also was taking a turn for better.
People approved this brand, they started to buy Omega watches and that’s why the company has been increasing.

Many outstanding and famous figures liked this brand.

Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin

For example, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Phelps, Joe Biden, John F. Kennedy, and many others wore Omega watches.
It is prove the fact, that this brand is well-known all over the world.

The brand Omega started its production in 1894, when the first Omega wristwatch was made.
And 6 years later, this brand won the grand prize for its remarkable collection in Paris.
From that moment, Omega brand has been taking a lot of prizes and satisfies people’s requests.

The brand has 5 basic collections, which are Omega Seamaster, Omega Speedmaster, Omega Constellation, Specialities and Omega De Ville.
Constellation collection has been pleasing people for almost 160 years already.
The watches from this collection are mainly produced with the use of gold and precious stones like diamonds.
The Seamaster and Speedmaster collection are the perfect choice for people who like sport and active mode of life.
The watches from these collections are notable for durability, precision and purposefulness.
De Ville collection includes luxury watches, which are the real pleasant to the eye.
These watches are produced with the help of expensive and luxury stuff and are notable for special, unique and extraordinary design.

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