Hot shower and watch

Owners of expensive watches often face a domestic issue: can one take hot shower wearing a watch on his wrist?
We decided to conduct a survey on this topic.
The research mainly involved owners of watches, rather than experts.

watch in shower
watch in shower

So, we got following answers:

  • 1. There are hardly any benefits of wearing a watch in hot shower
    Damage includes:
    – Micro-scratches
    – Reduction in service interval
    – Depreciation of machinery
    – Risk of magnetization for many models
  • However, mentioned points should not be treated as a reason to keep a watch in a box!
    2. I think nothing will happen. You know, hot shower is rather less than 50 degrees.
    I do not remove my Omega when taking shower, as the gym offers no place for storing a watch.
    One only can hang a watch on a nail with the towel. Rubber pads seem to be resistant to such temperature.
  • 3. Why should one take shower wearing a watch? It’s rather uncomfortable.
    I do not want damage my watch.
    Think about it, one can accidentally hit a watch against the wall or glass shower door.
    In case the question is purely theoretical and caused by scientific curiosity, the answer is: The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Try it.
  • 4. I once read people wear Rolex while washing in a bath and nothing happens.
    It is Rolex, you know.
    – Interesting opinion.
    I’m not an expert, but hot shower (repeatedly) is going to damage any watch.
    Heating, temperature difference, condensation, dilution and evaporation of oil will definitely lead to accelerated wear. You know, Rolex servicing is not the cheapest thing in the world … Well, experts will tell more precisely.
  • 5. It’s all up to an owner. However, I would not wear a watch in hot shower.
    Anyway, this brings no benefits.
  • 6. I have Rolex Submariner.
    No damage caused by contrasting temperatures and hot shower noticed.
    The same goes for Doxa and Steinhart. They are still good.

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