General problems of cheap replica watches

Below we are going to discuss various types of replicas, which are now available in the Internet, and also some general problems you may run into in the process of their purchase. In addition, we are intending to give you the extremely useful pieces of advice as, for example, how to look after gold spatter read more »

Watch functions. What is the best

The more time passes since invention of watch, the less of gage of this very time we can see. Today, being just precise and reliable is no longer enough for watch to earn customers’ recognition. To be interesting, watch should have some kind of salt: some necessary or just attractive feature, it should be different read more »

Quartz movement manual

Time setting: 1. Pull the winding wheel to the second click. Check the second-hand stops at 12. 2. Turning the wheel set the hand five minutes more than the current time. Then set it back to the right time. 3. Place the wheel to the initial position as you hear the precise time signal. The read more »


Tourbillon (French Tourbillon – “whirlwind”, “rotation”) – is one of the most prestigious and still the most mysterious and fascinating functions; it was invented all but two hundred and ten years ago by the watchmaker of genius Abraham-Louis Breguet. Perhaps, it was not only one to find out such a curious regularity: the watch being read more »

What your watch can tell about you

Your wrist watch Some people do not attach importance to accessories. And in vain! Watches, ties, scarves, handbags and other things can tell a lot about you. If you are going to an important meeting, do not forget choosing the right accessories – this will help you succeeding. Watch you prefer: Expensive watch You devote read more »

Valjoux 7750: Manual

The crown has three positions: 1 – Winding position (not pulled) 2 – Date / day setting position (half pulled out) 3 – Time and week day setting position with stopped second hand (fully extended). 1. Setting time: Pull out the crown to its extreme position (III) and turn it towards yourself. Then set current read more »

Hot shower and watch

Owners of expensive watches often face a domestic issue: can one take hot shower wearing a watch on his wrist? We decided to conduct a survey on this topic. The research mainly involved owners of watches, rather than experts. So, we got following answers: 1. There are hardly any benefits of wearing a watch in read more »

Watch Etiquette Rules

Watch plays quite a special role in the image of every man – more often it the only accessory men can afford to wear, that’s why they seek them to be very expensive, beautiful, indicating their social and financial status. As for the cuff links and pens (they can be either cheap “no names” or read more »

Watch care. Mechanical and Quartz watch

In case you want to get pleasure using a watch, follow these simple rules: 1. Like any other mechanism, mechanical watch requires regular inspection, cleaning, lubricating and adjusting precision. Perform these operations every three or four year at an authorized service center specified in the list annexed to the watch passport. This is an important read more »

Bestsellers watches

Which brands of hand watches are the most popular nowadays? Classic of fashion…what’s better? Actually, everyone has his own taste and aesthetic sensitivity. It means that we can make our choice and improve our style with a help of luxury items. We have interviewed the most popular online shops of watches. Now we are going read more »